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Open / Die

The shaping of a persons character is based on his/her recurring behavior, which is molded by his/her habits. In other words, ones habits grow in time and eventually shape ones character, and it is not done in one day. I have lived for half a century. Naturally my habits extended in time and formed who I am now. In my eyes, there are no good or bad characters, and I am not reflecting upon myself at my middle age. As ones character keeps extending in time, I could understand certain discrepancies do exist in the way of thinking between me and those designers who are 20 or even 30 years younger or older than I am. Therefore, in order to catch up with the world

s changes, I have to be more open-minded and more devoted, otherwise, there will be no way out as Premier Wen Jiabao said. That openness does not only refer to a persons character, but also to every aspect in the world, from a company to a country. It should welcome diversified views and facilitate different styles of working and thinking. When there are different voices, we need to have a big heart to embrace and efforts to study them, otherwise our life will become dull and boring. Whether our GDP may have reached almost 39000 billions or our level of prosperity may have already exceeded Japan and reached close to the United States, our happiness in life is still far more momentous than these figures.