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Architectural Services Dept. 15th Anniversary Commemorative Book
Art for Safer Sex Exhibition
Artists in the Neighbourhood II
Asia Cultural Co-operation Forum
Black & White
Body Fashion
Breath Fusion - "The Living Heritage"
Channel [V]
China International Marina Club
China International Marina Club
Chow Sang Sang
Chow Sang Sang Emphasis
Culture Royale

“APIDA” has been launched for over 18 years which aims to praise prominent interior designers and their works. This year, the organisation invited Tommy to rebuild the brand. He employed a cube as the heart of the entire image which is the foundation of a unit and also represents a rational analysis and intelligence. When stretching or combining the cube, it can be developed into different shapes that matched with the theme“Shape Your Space”and it revealed the spatial application, practical and logical thinking as well as the pursue of spatial aesthetic of interior design. The entire visual identity ran through the logo, promotion posters, printed materials as well as the trophy that injected more vitality into the award; shaping the award to become a more world-wide event and helping the award to further develop out of Asia.